Game information

Welcome! Economic game online «Legends of Tree» - a steady and reliable income! Plant a Money Tree and be confident in the future! Our team of experts is fully thought out the project, each of its mechanism, as well as the further development and updating. About the project: The total cost of wood from 10 rubles. (1000 silver). Game rate is 100 silver = 1 ruble. Income every 5 minutes! 25% percent in the month! Money Tree will always be with you, it does not grow old and disappear! Automatic accumulation harvest! Harvesting without losses, without time limits! Harvest, so it is convenient for you. At least once per hour, once per day, once per year! Harvest will not deteriorate and will not be lost! The system will instantly swap market yield of silver! Forget about finding a person to buy your product, now you can do all this instantly and effortlessly! You do not even need to call people to the game in order to make a profit, the system does everything itself! As quickly as possible the payment of money in your wallet! Any amount of 1 rub.! Without additional limits and restrictions! The complete absence of pitfalls! All the way there! Fully transparent system that works for you! Guarantees: In the game, you can always view the system reserve fund to buy the crop! It is displayed in real time and you are always up to date! Provision system for redemption yield provides users with automatic redemption yield and stable income. The system reserve is displayed and updated online. Project Administration guarantees repayment in the amount of the crop, which is held in reserve! Reserve system - a guarantee that the Administration agrees to pay! Each user will receive a stable income. During the game will be added in addition new units that will consistently replenish the reserve for redemption of the harvest, which will give an additional guarantee to participants! Also with a large collection of funds in reserve to buy the crop, project administration is planning to invest for income, which will replenish the reserve system to buy! Your Money Tree will always make a profit! And even if the system reserve emptied and becomes equal to zero, you will still continue to receive a steady income! Harvest will collect more and receive money, just sell orders harvest will be formed in a queue! Stable growth of the reserve will always provide all the payments, and then turn and exchange of crop to be processed at a time! You not how risk and nothing to lose! Your income is guaranteed for 100% payments were, are and will always be stable! Administration guarantees silver exchange for money, the full redemption! No problem! Without expectations! No limits! Money Tree in the game Legends of Tree - this is your way to success and earnings! Get started now! Join the system, which is already tested by thousands of users! Security: The Administration is using an elaborate and unique protection system of all assets and reserves. Completely excluded any points with the leak of working capital. User accounts are constantly being updated, and decisions to improve the protection. Site Script is a huge number of degrees of protection against breaking and entering. Full control and tsentralizirovanie all monetary transactions, archive. «World Games LTD» is company Organizer Game Service: Operational payment processing service works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Without the holidays! No lunch break! Also our technical support is always ready to answer any of you are interested in the question of the project and help to solve any problem in the game. Technology helpdesk operative working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. _____________________________________________________________ With you waiting for an interesting earnings in a game that does not require your time, as well as chat and meet interesting people, and more. Only here you will know what to get money without doing anything.